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Inside The Dome - The open Mind Space

Mind-full of Less

Hosted by Murray Smith & Renee Wilkinson

Friday 15 - Sunday 17 September, 2023

Take a weekend for yourself. Reset your mind, body and spirit. 

It's time to have a mind full of less.

During this weekend we will take a relaxed and grounded approach to mindfulness and share with you some simple ways you can bring mindfulness and self-care into your everyday life. 

You will join Renée and Murray at Sunquncha Temple, near Gloucester, NSW, 1.5hrs North of Newcastle, 3hrs North of Sydney.


On manicured acreage, fresh country air, we supply everything from glamping tents, to yummy vegetarian meals, to all the yoga equipment you will need.


Just bring yourself, your favourite pillow and an open mind.


All activities are optional, you can tailor the weekend to suit you.



Build Your Altar

An altar is a focal point for your daily connection to self. It can be as simple or grand as you desire. We will supply you with some basic items to get you started on an altar you can take home with you. It will be your grounding point for this retreat.

All-Levels Yoga


Renee  will guide you through an all-levels yoga flow or yin classes suited to those who attend. Learning to move your body helps your mind.

Meditation Techniques


For the beginner or experienced, explore a variety of techniques until you find the sweet spot in your meditation practice. 

'The Tools'


Self-Awareness is crucial for growth. Explore breath, self-enquiry & muscle-testing techniques.



 Breathwork is a modality of conscious connected breathing that we use to enter into altered states of healing and to interrupt our autonomic nervous system patterns so we are able to release trauma.



When change occurs in life, integration is crucial to move forward. Learn EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping), how to ground, self-reflection and connection.

The Itinerary

The Open Mind Space Retreat



  • Arrive from 4pm

  • 6pm: Welcome Dinner

  • 7:30pm: Build Your Altar + Meditation


  • 7:30am: All Levels Yoga

  • Breakfast

  • Meditation Techniques + Practice

  • 'The Tools' - Learn Self Awareness Tools & Techniques

  • Lunch

  • SPIRITUS Breathwork session

  • Free time

  • Dinner

  • Optional Evening Meditation


  • 7:30am: All Levels Yoga

  • Breakfast

  • 'Integration' - Learn ways to process and integrate energy/emotions

  • Lunch

  • Closing

  • Finished by 2pm


Your Exchange Options

BYO Camping



$599 pp

(Unpowered site for tent or van

2WD Access)

Twin Share

5m Glamping

Bell Tent


$799 pp

Private Room

w/ Queen Bed


$899 pp

Only 2 rooms available. Rooms share a toilet & shower seperate to glamping.

Payment plans available upon request by emailing


This experience is limited to 16 people.

Murray has had a series of colourful life experiences from a history in gangs, drugs and jail to completely turning his life around.


He knows deeply what discomfort is.


He knows the depths of self you need to draw upon to change your coding and create a whole new life. He embodies the discipline it takes to keep showing up to life no matter what it throws at you.


Ever grateful for the day the awareness landed it was time to ‘do different’ which took him down a path of self growth, learning and eventually teaching yoga, studying Thai Yoga Massage, Zen Thai Shiatsu, having daily connection with higher self, meeting his now wife Renée and creating a life beyond many peoples wildest dreams.


The kid who left home at 16 didn’t think he would be here today spending a weekend with you teaching you how to meditate and make life better for yourself.


He wants to show you what is possible.


Renée is a multi-modality intuitive who has been guiding meditations and channelling energy for over 20yrs and holding space for healing shifts for the past 12+ years.


Learning 3 styles of Kinesiology in 2008-2010 she wanted to ignore her ‘weird’ side and pursued a career behind the scenes in Film & TV.


After working for Home and Away, Doctor Doctor and several independent and short films she felt the calling to return to her purpose. The reason for her landing in this lifetime, to open space and be of service to those ready to remember their expansiveness.


Renée channels energies & interdimensional beings, guides meditation and yoga and uses her skills in Kinesiology, Theta Healing, Sound Healing, Thai Yoga Massage and more to assist you forward.


She wants to open the interdimensional portal to show you what is possible.

Together since late 2017 this Husband and Wife team have held beach meditations for up to 600+ people at one time, held in person and online workshops teaching hundreds of people yoga, manifesting and connecting to intuition, opened and built one of Newcastle’s leading Yoga and Wellness Studios ‘The Open Mind Space’, brought a small human into the world and have built this incredible retreat space on the land you are about to visit. 

The Open Mind Space Retreat


From those who've worked with Renee & Murray:

If you would like to make some change in your life but you don't really know what to do or where to start, this is for you. If you sometimes feel like you feel something more or something weird or just something else than everyone else, you have the courage to open your heart and dive inside your soul, this is for you. You will meet your power.

~ Lucie

Renee and Murray delivered the content in a way that was insightful, engaging and easy to digest. They also facilitated a space where I felt safe to deeply dive inward and also connect with the energies of the rest of the group. I'm excited to continue implementing what I learnt into my daily life and to see where it takes me. I highly recommend to anyone interested!

~ Bianca

It's like waking up to a whole new you, a whole new potential, once you've cracked it open there is no turning back

~ Shelley

This experience shifted me into a higher gear…If you have even a niggle that this might be for you, take the leap and do so with your whole heart, because the space held for you during this process and the sense of community and support that is offered is unparalleled and LASTING. This is not a little workshop. This is a game changer. Weeks on I am still feeling the impact and reaping the rewards from all I learnt, received, and most importantly.... REMEMBERED.

~ Tara

I'm manifesting amazing things in life, and gaining a more sustainable internal peace. I have used many different resources for all different reasons over the years and this course has been one of the best. If one does 'the work' and really throws themselves all in, magic happens. It feels bloody uncomfortable at times, yet exciting and addictive too.

~ Madeleine

This experience is being held at The Open Mind Space Dome, near Gloucester NSW.

Address will be given upon booking.

Before booking, please click here to read our full booking terms & conditions.

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